Rigorous, agnostic and collaborative

Our scientific approach combines the richness of sensor measurements and subjective feelings for an optimal personalization of your monitoring.

Open Mind Innovation’s

scientific approach

The center of applied research in cognitive neuroscience of Open Mind Innovation is based within the Center of Training and Health Research of the University of Caen.

Its approach is integrative and agnostic: it brings together and creates synergies between cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), clinical psychology and serious gaming to advance knowledge in the development and personalization of therapies.

How does it works?

A unique experience combining neurophysiological measures, psychology and virtual reality:

The analyzes are made from the measurements (behavioral, neuro-physiological and psychometric) collected during the immersion in virtual reality and via psychometric questionnaires.

This data is interpreted and discussed with a psychologist.

Focus on biofeedback by Open Mind Innovation

Biofeedback is a mind-body training approach that relies on measuring and representing our biological activities in real time.

Applied and followed rigorously, this technique improves the skills of cognitive, emotional and physiological self-regulation in healthy people or in the context of certain pathologies (hyperactivity, anxiety disorders, epilepsy, etc.).

Its principle is simple: to help better perceive and regulate your physiology through the recording of your biological activities (heartbeat, respiratory or electro-encephalography) immediately represented in the form of sounds, images, etc. We talk about “biological feedback”, hence the term “bio-feedback”.

Although its origins date back to the 1950s, this tool has since been greatly improved thanks to new knowledge in neuroscience and technological progress. Open Mind Innovation takes a new look at biofeedback by combining the latest advances in game design and psychology in an integrative approach to the individual. The R&D work carried out in our applied research center aims to redefine the neurophysiological targets and take into account the psycho-social context to improve the effectiveness and transfer of this learning in everyday life.

Shortening the cycle between research and application

We bring together research discoveries and their applications. The database that Open Mind Innovation collects is unprecedented. It is shared with our academic partners (clinical and academic research units) in an exclusive and anonymous way. This unique contribution to research laboratories helps to advance knowledge in understanding the human mind, and enables Open Mind Innovation to develop more effective and personalized therapeutic techniques and approaches for the highest number of people.

Le Performance Lab

Centre de bilan et d’entraînement cognitif, comportemental et émotionnel

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Open Mind Innovation is a private institute of applied research in cognitive neuroscience that develops products and services to keep the mind alive, young and healthy throughout life.