Work better collectively

Strengthen your teams through neuroscience:

Collective intelligence, group resilience, team dynamics.

Our program has been designed to help each employee get to know themselves better. You will explore your psychology and your physiology through the management of your emotions, your concentration, for better decision-making and better daily effeciency. Everyone will discover their own particularities but also those of their team. Our monitoring and training solutions will allow you to develop your strengths individually and collectively.

The benefits for your teams

Favor and support

collective intelligence


group resilience





team dynamics

Professional training

Module 1

Neurophysiological bases

The body’s ability to adapt to the environment

What is stress?

  • Understanding the natural neurophysiological mechanisms that cause stress
  • Becoming aware of the impact of prolonged exposure to stress on health
  • Learning to identify and handle stressful situations

How I perceive myself and interpret my environment

  • Learning to identify and differentiate: sensations – emotions – thoughts
  • Understanding sensations/emotions/thoughts interactions

Module 2

Attention mechanisms

Optimize your concentration skills

How to control and optimize your attention

  • I identify the characteristics of my own attention
  • I learn to be organized and flexible according to my attention

Understanding attention mechanisms

  • The different facets of attention
  • Attention over time

Module 3

Cognitive biases

Avoid the pitfalls of your thought

Recognition of social biases in situation

  • Social biases and perspective
  • Social biases characteristic of the professional environment

A successful exploratory training course

It is a training course that teaches us many things, raises a lot of questions and raises a lot of expectations about the tools to be put in place to achieve progress both individually and collectively.

Cédric Dufour – COO at Rakuten


Look at Cédric Dufour’s Keynote, Rakuten France: “To engage your staff, change to neuromanagement. “

On the occasion of the #rmsconf 2018 event dedicated to Human Resources, Cédric Dufour recalls the intervention of Open Mind Innovation to develop the cohesion of the Management Committee and make neuroscience part of their daily life as managers.

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