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Come explore the boundaries of cognitive training by combining the precision of the latest technologies with the experience of ancestral methods.

Develop your concentration, your
creativity and your decision-making

The search

for individual performance





Emotion and stress





Everyday self-knowledge is fundamental to individual and collective fulfillment, enabling us to be present, attentive, creative and make better decisions.

Self-perception – concentration, motivation, creativity, stress, fatigue, … – is the first step to adapt to a changing environment. Being aware of your own variations then allows you to evaluate and modify them. To support you in this process, we combine the precision of the latest technologies, wisdom of ancient traditions and methodology of game design.

Our services allow everyone to interpret all of their biological signals to better understand their mental and physiological state from moment to moment, and therefore understand their variations over time and in various situations.

You will be able to prevent professional burnout and personal exhaustion but also identify your strengths and develop them serenely, individually and collectively.


Cognitive, Behavioral and Emotional


Cognitive, Behavioral and Emotional


gestion des émotions

Emotion management and decision-making

Créativité cognitive

Creativity and cognitive flexibility

intelligence collective

Collective intelligence



Open Mind, a key feature to improve my performance

As a professional athlete I’m always in search of new ways to improve my performance. The work I’ve been doing with the Open Mind team has been incredible, I’ve noticed how much my training improved by mastering my attention levels, breathing and meditating. It added a key feature to my performance.

Bruna Kajiya – Triple championne du monde de Kitesurf


Extremely rewarding experience!


In just 1 hour of testing, you have a personalized assessment on a photograph of your emotional state. Well-being, self-confidence, anxiety, potential to accept happiness, stress… a thorough evaluation that allows to highlight the points of vigilance and to work with concrete tools and methods. Superb innovative method to start a personal development approach that I recommend to all!


Sylvain de Ly – Entrepreneur


Technology tried and convinced!


Thank you for the experience! In a context where stress affects so many people, the Performance Lab emerges as a real solution and resolutely inscribed in its time. At the crossroads of a cognitive approach, neurophysiological measures and virtual reality, the solution makes it possible to quickly and efficiently identify the points to improve… even for insiders :).

Sandra Dambricourt – LMD Coaching



Very realistic about the results!


I am even surprised at the accuracy of some analyzes. Rereading all the summaries, I recognized myself for the most part. There were only one or two elements I was not certain of. I really appreciated the little tips to improve or even become aware. Impressed by the virtual reality modules, it is an interesting and formative experience. I feel I have the key to progress using this method.

Pierre Vaultier – Double champion olympique de snowboardcross

The values of Open Mind Innovation

  • Our products and services are thought-out and designed for the well-being of individuals.
  • The collected data is interpreted and valued with you for your fulfillment.
  • Only in-house psychologists are empowered to make the connection between an individual’s identity and their data, which is anonymized and secure.


Le Performance Lab

Centre de bilan et d’entraînement cognitif, comportemental et émotionnel

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